Voice Lessons

Joyful Voice Studio accepts voice students of all levels and ages. Students under the age of 11 may need to audition for a spot in the studio. 

Lessons are tailored to each individual student's specific needs and goals. For younger students, the primary goals are to explore the voice, train the musical ear, foster confidence, and to inspire a love of music. Older students can begin to build a healthy and sustainable vocal technique that will lay the foundation for singing in multiple styles. The studio focuses on technique for musical theatre, contemporary pop, as well as classical styles.

Teaching Philosophy

With persistence and patience, anyone can learn to sing! What makes Suzanne unique as a teacher is that she was not a "natural-born" singer. She understands many of the challenges students face as they learn to build healthy vocal technique, and she is able to articulate exercises in a way students can comprehend.

Suzanne possesses a wide range of experience. She has trained in speech therapy, which introduced her to a range of therapeutic vocal exercises, as well as various types of body and breath disciplines, including dance, yoga, and Alexander Technique. All of these experiences inform her teaching, as the body and breath are crucial to supporting the voice. As an experienced performer, Suzanne also loves to help students develop their acting and performing skills.

Our mind is critical to learning vocal technique. Suzanne offers a safe, non-judgmental space for students to explore their voices and to move past limitations. It brings her great joy to witness the process of discovery as students begin to use their voice in ways they never thought possible.

Suzanne remains current on the latest research in vocal science and attends various master classes throughout the year to continually provide her students with new tools to help them. She also takes regular private voice lessons herself to continue to improve as a singer, performer, and teacher. Suzanne is a member of the National Association for Teachers of Singing, where she recently served as an adjudicator for the Puget Sound Winter 2022-23 Student Auditions.

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